About Two Minutes…

About Two Minute Politics:

In George Orwell’s “1984”, the citizens of Oceana were compelled to indulge in “two minutes of hate” against their enemies.


In all fairness, the citizens of Oceana were not exactly the most well adjusted members of society. (Unless, of course, that society was Joseph Stalin’s day dream…)

“Two minutes of hate” was pretty much a propagandist tool of an authoritarian regime. Imagine then, if you will (see the reference to obscure cultural references?) that we lived in a world not too distant from Orwell’s 1984?

Well… That’s why taking two minutes might be more important than ever. Let’s turn the propagandist’s tricks against them: Let’s have two minutes of brutal honesty, and political independence.

Enjoy Two Minute Politics.

It will be the most satisfying two minutes of your day.

About Anonymous Pundit:

C’mon… You do realize the absurdity in expecting to learn anything about someone who goes by the title “Anonymous Pundit”, right?

I’ve been a pundit for years. I’ve been on radio, television, print, online… you name it.

And, currently, I’m anonymous.

Does that clear it up for ya?