Two minutes of Bolshevik hate

Like the mob of commies that Bolsheviked their way into Moscow in 1917, Trump’s fanatic supporters are promising to “burn it all down.”

Here’s the fascinating part:

They warn that any “brokered convention” at the GOP convention—or, for that matter, any other  possible outcome that does not include Trump gloriously rising to the podium in a radiant air of self-righteous TRiUMPh—will result in a revolt.

If Trump is not named the GOP nominee, we’re told, his loyal sheep followers will boil over with rage. (Because nothing says “I’ve demonstrated a truly contemplative approach toward picking my next president” quite like stomping your feet and holding your breath.)

That rage, we’re warned, will result in a massive loss for the GOP, as millions of completely well-adjusted Trump-team authoritarian-wannabes abandon the Republican Party.

In short, if Trump doesn’t win the nom, they will ensure the GOP suffers a humiliating defeat in the fall.

And, furthermore, it will all be the fault of the “establishment.” (The “establishment” is, ostensibly, anyone who dares to question Glorious Leader’s Donald Trump’s qualifications for running the world’s most powerful government… regardless of that person’s actual associations with anything even related to the elitist echelons of the Republican leadership.)

That’s right, the GOPe will be single handedly responsible for Hillary’s coronation into the White House if Donald Trump fails to secure the nomination…Why? Because those good-for-nothing elitist assholes in the GOP will have forced an “establishment” candidate onto an unwilling Party.

So, with this airtight logic securely ensconced (have you picked up on my barely contained annoyance?) among Trumpers, I have a quick question:

With roughly 70 percent of the GOP opposed to Trump, and anywhere from 25 to 35 percent of Republicans vowing to #NeverVoteTrump — even in a general election — who’s fault is it really going to be if Hillary wins, after Trump is declared the nominee?

Wouldn’t it be the folks who forced an unpopular candidate onto an unwilling Party?

And, with that one tiny little observation, the anti-establishment Trumpers have not only unwittingly proven the absolute impotence of the so-called “establishment” (if it’s so damn powerful, how did an intellectual midget like Trump get so far?) but they have also proven that they are no better than the thugish elitists they claim to despise.

I get it, the GOP can’t win without reaching out to the angry base. But, the angry base can’t win without the rest of the fucking party.

Hey, Trump supporters: “burning it all down” didn’t work for the Soviets either.

And that’s your Two Minutes of Hate for the day, brought to you by Common Sense… “So rare, it’s no longer common.”

Two minutes…

This is an interesting article, highlighting a bunch of the things upon which Trump has flip-flopped… But, it’s hard to read. Because when you read Trump’s words, you can’t help but hear his shrill huckster voice, rambling like a disoriented alcoholic who’s giving a seminar lecture on a topic about which he is completely unacquainted.

With bad hair.

Read it here: Washington Post

In all seriousness though, this is the rhetoric that is resonating with folks out there? What does that say about our gerbil-like attention span in this country? Are we really at the point where a braggadocious narcissist can verbally spew a rhetorical montage of opposing views and phrases, and the reality-TV-addicted masses will latch on to the one or two things they like and blindly parade behind his banner like good little comrades?

It kinda makes you wonder what the history books will say about this time… Assuming Oceania allows history books to even be read. (That was a dystopian reference to George Orwell’s book, “1984”… just in case you didn’t catch it. So is the subject of the email… Seriously, read a book.)