Two minutes of anti-gun temper tantrums

Have you seen this wonderfully thought-out anti-gun message come across your Facebook feed yet?

Apparently, the message here is that guns have changed… And therefore, so should our gun laws.

Don’t you see? Our founders never envisioned AR-15s — so, clearly, such advanced firearms should be illegal.

Of course, the irony is that this is a video.

Posted on YouTube.

On the interwebs.

Not to get too technical, but I don’t think any of our founding fathers envisioned drastic advancements in communication technology when they penned the First Amendment, by candlelight, on a piece of hand pressed parchment.

But, that’s the problem with anti-gun liberals. They think —

Well, no. Actually they don’t.

Just look at the recent temper-tantrum Dems threw in congress when our elected representatives decided not to prohibit folks on the “no-fly” list from owning guns. (By the way, our first orange Republican candidate for President, Donald “I’m very wealthy” Trump, actually agrees with these juvenile anti-gun liberals. Just FYI.)

But, yeah, that sounds like a completely sound policy solution to mass shooting! I mean, what could possibly go wrong when a government agent is capable of depriving citizens of their enumerated rights by foregoing due-process and putting their name on a secretive blacklist?

Hell, while we’re at it, let’s deprive these folks of their other rights as well. Maybe we can round them all up and throw ‘em in jail for an unspecified amount of time without a trial?

Or just drone them.

Of course, before we go around depriving any citizen of their rights (simply because a bureaucratic government has put them on a secretive blacklist) maybe we should check with some of Joseph Stalin’s former KGB agents.

After all, if we’re going to go “full Soviet,” we might as well do so with some degree of efficiency, right?

– By Anonymous Pundit

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