Two minutes of (Coulter inspired) hate

Every bully needs their own rabble of sycophantic Pravda pundits around them if they plan on having any impact… Obama, for example, had MSNBC and the liberal media.

Ann Coulter has apparently joined a different rabble.

Actually, she has finally gone full-fledged, Pelosi-style, bat-shit crazy on us. (Not that she was ever completely sane to begin with.)

The title of Ann’s front page column on her website today:

Ted Cruz: Tracy Flick with a Dick

Yeah… Go ahead and google “Tracy Flick.” I don’t have time for this nonsense. (As a side note, I have to ask: what the hell is it with Trumpers’ obsession over the male genitalia? It’s starting to kinda gross me out.)

The title of the piece aside, Ann’s devolution into a Manson-Family-style devotee of Trump is clearly eroding away whatever small slice of grey matter she once used for semi-rational thought.

Here are some highlights:

“Before we begin, can we stop referring to Wisconsin as ‘Midwestern nice’? That’s all we’ve heard since Ted Cruz beat Donald Trump there: Wisconsinites are just so nice, they couldn’t abide Trump’s rough style.

“Does anyone remember the whole taking over the capitol thing? How they nearly recalled a sitting governor a few years ago? Remember the protesters fighting with cops, rounds of arrests in the rotunda, the drum circles and chanting? How about the midnight raids on citizens for supporting the ‘Wisconsin Budget Repair Bill’?”

Ann, sweetheart, those were liberals being assholes.

What are you saying? That jackass union thugs who stormed the capital represent all of Wisconsin? (Wait… are you saying something nasty about “Wisconsin Values”?)

“Wisconsin is a lot of things, but ‘nice’ is not one of them. ‘Soviet’ is more like it.”

What the actual fuck?

Soviet? Right… Because a Republican governor implementing right to work laws, cutting spending and fixing the budget is totally like Joseph Stalin shipping Jews and capitalist-pigs off to the gulag.

I mean, did Ann just have a mini stroke? Ann, honey, if you’re feeling disoriented or you randomly smell burnt toast, please contact your local emergency room.

“It was always a bad state for Trump because there are virtually no immigrants in Wisconsin, and peevish Wisconsinites refused to believe the rest of the country about the cultural mores we’re bringing in.”

Brilliant, Holmes. Just fucking brilliant.

So the problem here is Wisconsinites are sniveling weaklings, who spend way too much time in their insulated all-white Midwestern Pleasantville?

How does she know this? Oh, because Wisconsin doesn’t have any Mexicans.

(Incidentally, I’m willing to bet that Ann gets all pissy when people suggest a good portion of Trump’s support is motivated by white nationalist pride… but that’s a different two minute rant.)

Ann continued — but honestly I have no fucking clue what she said because I don’t really care. It turns out, I have better things to do with my life, and none of those things annoy me as much as reading the propagandist vomit Coulter smeared all over her website.

Sadly, Coulter represents absolutely everything that is disappointing and demoralizing about the portion of the so-called “conservative” punditry that has thrown its weight behind Trump.

At what point, exactly, did Coulter exchange her conservative values for the lead cheerleading position in the “MAKEAMERICAGREATAGAIN” Trump parade?

Remember, this is the same intellectual weakling that said she would vote for Trump, “Even if he performed abortions in the White House.” Why? Oh, right, because roughly 45 seconds ago he decided he was going to talk tough on immigration.

BUT HE’LL BUILD A WALL! Probably. I mean, according to at least some of his most recent statements, there’s a good chance he’ll likely try to maybe build a wall. And make Mexico pay for it, because that sounds exactly like the sort of thing that couldn’t possibly be demagoguery or campaign rhetoric. Right?

And so, like a teenage groupie daydreaming about earning an invite to the next backstage orgy, Ann viciously attacks any critique of Trump — stopping just short of stealing the Vatican’s “infallibility” argument as a logical defense for her new found “conservative” hero.

Welcome to the rabble, Ann.

Unless I’m being too harsh… Maybe she just gets a thrill up her leg when she hears him bloviate.

— Anonymous Pundit

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