Two minutes of (Hollywood inspired) hate

Update: Will Ferrell has since surrendered to common decency, and backed out of this tasteless project… That being said, I’m not sure my opinion of him, or Hollywood, has really changed. At all. 

Ronald Reagan is the man who, as President of the United States, accelerated the decay and eventual downfall of the Evil Empire, brought prosperity, freedom and independence to a host of nations around the world, and got America out of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.

Will Ferrell is a class-A jackass who makes millions of dollars behaving like a spoiled immature 13-year-old who was raised by a gaggle of feral frat boys.

And Hollywood is a cesspool of predominantly talentless hacks who, due to a biological (and sometimes Botox-fueled) predisposition toward natural beauty, feel entitled to lecture the rest of America on social issues while whoring themselves out for fame and fortune.

So… How do you think a Hollywood film, featuring Will Ferrell as The Gipper will end up?


Only, it actually gets worse than you think.

According to Variety (no… I don’t read Variety) there’s a new soon-to-be made film, called Reagan, in which Ferrell will “comically” portray an Alzheimer-riddled Reagan during his second term of the Presidency. (Never mind that Reagan was perfectly healthy while in office.) Penned by Mike Rosolio, the story portrays Reagan suffering from dementia — convinced that he is an actor playing the president in a movie.

And there’s a new Ghostbusters — so clearly Hollywood is well overdue for some sort of intellectual purge.

Yeah… A movie featuring the comically-void star from Talladega Nights, rewriting and brazenly laughing at an American patriot’s struggle with one of the worst mental diseases known to modern science.

Fucking hilarious, I know. (I would actually rather get Alzheimer’s, than see this trash.)

Feel free to take a moment and punch a pillow if you like, because words are only capable of articulating a certain amount of disgust, and I’m afraid my well is not deep enough to draw the adequate vocabulary for such a task…

Are you back? Okay, good.

As disgusting as this trip has been into liberal debauchery, it’s also worth pointing out the rank hypocrisy:

These folks are, after all, the same self-aggrandizing, morally-presumptuous, elitist assholes who lecture the rest of the world on how to improve society.

I mean, these soulless creeps are the same mental midgets who tell the rest of America that it’s okay to let grown men wander into whatever locker-room they like, so long as they self-identify as a little girl…

They’re the same ones who are outraged over attempts to cut back on women killing their unborn babies…

According to these self-anointed arbiters of societal decency, it’s even inappropriate to poke fun at sexual identity, promiscuity or pretty much anything else that (once upon a time) used to be considered fair game for comic relief…

Hell, thanks to this politically “correct” compassion police, we even have “safe spaces” on campus, so precious little hipster snowflakes don’t get their feeling hurt when someone in the vicinity harbors an alternative outlook on life.

And yet, they consider it perfectly acceptable to create satire from a late patriot’s debilitating struggle with a grotesque and tragic mental illnesses?

If it wasn’t so disgusting, the mental gymnastics would almost be impressive.

So what will the sequel to this Alzheimer-themed comedy be? A satire skit of Jackie Onassis clutching the back half of John Kennedy’s skull in the rear of their limousine?

The truth is, for all their posturing, lecturing and snobbish indignation, the American left is nothing more than hideously immature class bullies who relish in the destruction and pain of anyone not like them.

I may have two minutes of hate for Will Ferrell and the Hollywood trash who concocted this offensive escapade into bad taste — but they have a lifetime of hate for anyone who doesn’t fit their narrow-minded view of amoral “progressivism”

— By Anonymous Pundit

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